Unicorn Powder (Multi-color) 5g

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Step Application:

  1. Apply two layers of your the preferred gel color
  2. Apply a layer of “Ready to Go!” Top Coat and cure in lamp for 20-30 seconds. When the top is still warm from the lamp, massage the powder over the surface using an eye-shadows applicator. Do this step one or two nails at the time.
  3. Remove the excess of dust with a fluffy dust, buff the free edge side.
  4. Apply a quick layer of acid free on free edge and cure in lamp for 10 seconds
  5. Apply Ready to Go! Top coat and SEAL the free edge.Cure for 120 seconds.


These super fine glitter, can be applied over different colors with an eye-shadows applicator to give an holographic-chrome effect. Pink-Gold-Green shadows depending on the environment light.
Follow the step for the perfect result.

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01 Silver, 02 Red, 03 Champagne, 04 Blue, 05 Gold, 06 Black, 07 Green, 08 Violet


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