Builder Gel Milky White 30ml

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BUILDER HARD GEL – Milky White 30 ml:
Builder milky white, ideally for natural look and ombrè effect. The medium viscosity avoids too much running of product. Perfect for extension, overlays and also for the no file technique application. Cure: 120 seconds LED or 180 seconds UV lamp.

For Professional use only.

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Application Steps:

  1. Push the cuticles and make a manicure.
    2. Buff the nail plate using a 180/240 file to complete remove oils.
    3. Remove the dust from nails and cuticles using the Cleanser and pads.
    4. Apply Primers
    5. Apply a thin layer of Thick Gel Base and cure in lamp for 60 seconds
    6. Apply Builder Gel Milky White as overlay or make extension. Cure for 120 seconds.
    7. Use one of AlyNails Top Coats to finish.


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