Acrylic Powder Cover Pink 35g

£ 22.60

Cover Pink powder, natural look, perfect for both, overlay and extension with tips or sculpting forms (even very long). Lovely even for french base. Combine it with our monomer for the perfect result!

Dries by the air in 3-5 min depending from the environment.

For Professional use only.

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Application Steps:

  1. Push the cuticles and make a manicure.
    2. Buff the nail plate using a 180/240 file to complete remove oils.
    3. Remove the dust from nails and cuticles using the Cleanser and pads.
    4. Apply Primers
    5. Apply Acrylic Cover Pink powder as overlay or extension.
    6. If you want to apply a gel polish on top, use #Get Matt top coat in between.
    7. Use one of AlyNails Top Coats to finish.


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