Tip Cutter

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This colorful cutter is made to short the plastic tips quickly, with a clean straight cut. The c-curved guillotine blade avoids to alter the tip shape or ruin the plastic.



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How to use:

  1. Prepare the Natural Nail
  2. Try different sizes of tips to see which matches the best with every nail. If in-between two sizes, choose the biggest one and file the sides equally.
  3. Apply a small amount of nail glue on the tips and glue it on the nail. Be careful to apply it straight.
  4. Press for 15 seconds over the nail and then cut the right length with the Tip Cutter. The curve side of the holder has to be from your side. When decide the length, allow one mm more for shaping with file.
  5. File the gap in-between nail and tip (ONLY FILE OVER THE PLASTIC TIP)
  6. Shape and file the tip. Then apply the builder product.


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