C-Curve Clamp

£ 3.89

This tool helps to create and maintain a perfect c-curve during extensions on parallel shapes, by pinching the sides of the structure during the dryness process and avoiding the “goose beak” effect. C-curve enhance the shape and gives a long lasting structure to the extension. It’s made for square and pipe shapes and to create the “competition square”.

Can be cleaned with cleanser



How to use:

  1. Sculpt your extension using forms
  2. Apply the builder product and start curing until half polymerization (for acrylic when is still a bit soft but not sticky anymore, for gel after more or less 15 sec in lamp)
  3. Apply the C-curve clamp on the A-B points and sides and complete the polymerization with its on.
  4. Remove the clamp and file! Carry on with the treatment


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